The SIEMENS LOGO! is one of the most affordable and robust logical modules around. The logo control system is perfectly suited for small-scale automation projects and makes life much easier by replacing many time switches and relays, counters and protective relays. Engineers, scientists and technicians can now rapidly and cost-effectively interface with the logo module, log data, analyze data and monitor process progress using our LOGO!MONITOR.

Cheap tool for scientists and engineers

The SIEMENS LOGO! was designed as a micro automation module for industry for switching and controlling and handles 24 digital en 8 analog inputs. Data acquisition with the SIEMENS LOGO! has been virtually impossible and therefore scientists and engineers have been unable to use the Logo! module for their experimental setups. With our LOGO!MONITOR software a basic LOGO! module can be turned into a full-fledged switching, controlling and data acquiring tool for scientists and engineers. Together with LOGO!MONITOR the SIEMENS LOGO! beats most of the commercial solutions with respect to performance, ease of use and certainly with respect to cost.

Selected features
· Reads 24 digital Logo! inputs
· Reads 8 analog Logo! inputs
· Reads 16 digital Logo! outputs
· Reads 2 analog Logo! outputs
· Reads 27 digital Logo! flags
· Reads 6 analog Logo! flags
· Maximum reading frequency 2Hz
· Graphical presentation of data
· Customizable logging options
· Sending log files by email
· Remote monitoring in webbrowser
· Supports: OBA5, 0AB6 and OBA7
· Supports: Windows 7, Vista, XP

New options for industry

Existing and new industrial applications can now be expanded with a logging and remote monitoring functionality using the LOGO!MONITOR software. The performance of critical applications can be analysed using the data gathered by the LOGO!MONITOR software resulting in increased productivity and efficiency. A dedicated php-application was designed to interact with the LOGO!MONITOR software. The php-application runs on any HTTP-server supporting php making all LOGO! data available through a webbrowser.

Details about how to get started with the LOGO!MONITOR software can be found here
A user manual for LOGO!MONITOR Multi can be downloaded here